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Brief Introduction of China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda

Dujiangyan base is located at Qing Cheng town, Dujiangyan City, 18 kilometers away from the downtown. North is Taoist Holy Land Qing Cheng Mountain, and southwest is Jie Zi Ancient town. Highway S106 (Western Sichuan tourism circle) crosses between them. It is a professional panda rescue and disease prevention center in China, covering an area of 760 acres

The base is a public education, research, and protection center, sponsored by the Hong Kong SAR. Together with Wolong base, Ya'an base built up a three base giant panda on-site and in-site conservation demonstration platform. Their goal is to make full use of giant panda characteristic resources and international brand, keep the balance of the relationship between the effective ecological protection, and the social economy coordinated development. "One center, three bases" will significantly promote the panda long-term protection and development of ecological protection and ecological economy

Our main objective is to give the opportunity to those who love pandas. To benefit the pandas we offer: panda rescue and management, research, etc. Also, this base helps give those who loves pandas a volunteer opportunity to participate in panda care:

Love Pandas. Grow Up with Them.
Activity Time: 8:30 am — 5:00 pm

Honor Breeder We clean up the bamboo, pick up panda droppings, observe and understand the status of the living environment of giant pandas, panda washing pens, and so on. 2 hours 12 – 65
years old
Science Quest We explore the panda science center to understand the story of the rescue of giant pandas. 30 min Less than 6 years old
Love Feeding We personally bring giant pandas delicious "buns" and fruit. We also observe and learn giant pandas’ cute eating habits. 30 min 12 – 65
years old
Panda Movie We watch movies of panda science, as well as a touching story of how humans learn to protect the giant panda and live in harmony with them. 45 min Less than 6 years old
Panda Nutritionist We prepare the ingredients for the giant panda and experience the production of buns. 45 min 12 – 65
years old
Panda Class We learn from panda experts with experience and share scientific knowledge together. 45 min Less than 6 years old
Love Garden We learn to plant bamboo trees and give the trees nametags. 30 min 12 – 65
years old
Panda Fun Quiz By a day's observation and study, we understand pandas. This lets the workers test panda lovers on fun facts 30 min Less than 6 years old

Honor Breeder
Want to be a glorious panda keeper? Join us to feel the glory of it!

Science Quest
Walk through and explore the panda exhibition.

Love Feeding
Treasure the giant panda, everyone protect them! With real heart, patience, and consideration, increase the friendship between pandas and people!

Panda Movie
Walk into the panda theater, walk into a different panda world!

Panda Nutritionist
Use both hands to feel the excitement of being a panda nutritionist! Feel the honor that belongs to you!

Panda Class
By displaying of giant pandas pictures, experts tell students science knowledge about the giant pandas, and stories between giant pandas and experts .

Charging Standards

Panda Husbandry Experience Fee:US$180/person/day

Panda Husbandry Experience Content:

  • Dujiangyan base of China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda( Panda Volunteer Service Center), established curriculum to introduce giant pandas for participants (honorary breeder, science quest, love feeding, panda nutritionist, panda movie, panda class, panda fun quiz)
  • During the activity, the participants can use nametags to ride the tour bus for free to visit each panda location.
    (12:00 pm - 2:00 pm)
  • Have lunch together with a “panda person” at the cafeteria

Notice: The bamboo and trees to be planted in the love garden activity should be purchased by the participants.

Friendly Notifications:

  1. Please pay attention to symbols, protect the public facilities and garden.
  2. After entering the garden, please do not litter.
  3. Listen to the teacher’s arrangements, report to your teacher as soon as possible if you have troubles
  4. No cigarettes.
  5. Do not pick up plants or step on non–resting meadows
  6. Do not play with water or climb trees, buildings, or barriers at any location in the garden.
  7. After entering the panda recovery training area, please be quiet.
  8. Do not throw food to pandas.
  9. Wear sports shoes when participating in an activity.
  10. Because we will be outside for a long time, please wear hats and sunscreen to protect your skin.
  11. In the summer, this center has prepared medicine in case of heat fever (Some Chinese medicine) and mosquito bites (Other Chinese medicine). If you have any concerns, please report to your teacher.
  12. Please bring drinking water.
  13. Dujiangyan base has a clinic, if you feel unwell, report to your teacher.