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Customers' Review

China — Twilights Tours Eclipse Tour Jul, 2009 — Beijing, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Shanghai (110 people)

CTS review CTS review

These images were taken near Hangzhou, China, as part of the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston expedition to see the eclipse. Many thanks to Mario Motta, Bernie Volz, Joel Harris, and China Travel Service for making the trip a great success! Also many thanks to all our traveling companions on the trip for making the whole experience so enjoyable and memorable.

Bert Halstead, Boston, Massachusetts — 8/13/2009
CTS review

Dear General Manager:

Salutations.  I wanted to write you, to specifically recognize the very very large effort of China Travel Service (U.S.A.) in the person of Cindy Fang, provided to our eclipse group in China last month for the 'great eclipse' of 22 July 2009.

In a single word, Cindy provided us with nothing short of "outstanding" support and assistance, for the logistics, planning and actual operation of our tour group of over 110 pax.    From the comments and personal discussions I've had thus far from a number of our tour participants, the overall rating and impression of the service that Cindy arranged for our tour groups (there were no less than 3 versions of our tour — Groups B, C and D) was exemplary/outstanding.

As Cindy and I worked more and more closely, I became greatly impressed at her attention to details, her passion for her work with CTS, and for her ability to really focus in on the very unique and special needs that are an integral part of any total solar eclipse tour group.

Throughout the entire final phase of the tour planning, Cindy was professional, gracious, and very patient with the literally hundreds of requests, questions, problems, and needs of our many clients. I might add that these clients were mainly professional physicians, university professors, and/or very intensely serious amateur astronomers or engineers.

During the tour, Cindy did everything possible (from the reports I have received from the "leaders"/lead people for Groups B and C, as I was entirely involved with only Group D), to ensure that the tour members had an enjoyable, happy, and comfortable tour..

In summary, Edward, I was highly pleased and impressed with the support and service that CTS, and more specifically, Cindy Fang, provided to our eclipse tour group last month.

I can assure you, that in my mind, as the president and head of Twilight Tours, I would not hesitate for a moment, to again approach CTS to help us arrange/plan/operate another solar eclipse trip (even though the next such total eclipse is several decades away from now, and hopefully, we all shall be retired from our respective professions)..

Thank you, for your time and attention to my comments above, and please do continue to retain and engage Cindy for your various tour groups — she surely is a real asset and a treasure that CTS needs to safely retain in its organization

Be well, take good care, and Clear Skies,

Joel K. Harris – President
Twilight Tours Inc. Westlake Village, CA


Wanted to thank you all for the marvelous eclipse trip to China. It was nice of your staff to clear away the clouds at just the right time J I was on the B tour with Sam, and found him to be a very diligent and personable tour guide. There were some difficult, demanding people in our group, and Sam dealt with them very professionally, and accommodated their requests and personal quirks as well or better than anyone could reasonably be expected to do. Please thank him for me.

I will certainly recommend your services to colleagues who have circumstance to travel to China.

Kristine Larsen, Ph.D.
Director, Honors Program, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, CCSU

China — “the Scenic Landscape” EXPO 2010 Shanghai China FAM Trip
Beijing, Xi’an, Huangzhou, Huangshan, Wuzhen Watertown, Shanghai

CTS review CTS review

Dear Cindy,
Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for including us in the April 21-May5 Fam Tip to China and to let you know how much we enjoyed the trip.

This Fam trip was one of the best. For us, fam trip is not an excuse to take a cheap vacation but an “educational” business trip. We go on fam trips to learn about the area, region, country, culture etc so that we can come back and sell those destinations to our clients. This is the whole purpose of fam trips and this fam met all the criteria of what a fam trip should be. It was very well organized, we were given royal treatment everywhere, Just about every city or township we visited and the local mayor and other officials came to greet us. We were also treated to some excellent shows, dances, acrobatics, Kung fu and others.

As I said, on behalf of the 20 Travel Agents, I took a little survey of the people in the group as to what they thought of the tour and this is a brief synopsis of what they said: One of the best Fam Trips they have taken not just in terms of value for money but also what they leant about Chinese culture, history and family life. Your China representative Stanley did a wonderful job to escort the group. He is courteous, dependable, and hospitable. Overall, a “Perfect and Flawless” Fam trip.


Chandu Radia, San Antonio, TX — 5/4/2010